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Tire Temperature Control

For Sportsbike's PODIUM Specification Tire Warmers
Maximum certainty, total control.

The best way to gain full benefit from the tire compounds available and help tires last race distance is to have total control over tire temperatures. It is essential.

To get maximum performance and life from a tire, the tyre must be at the right temperature right from the start.

Thermostats are not exacting enough for top level racing. To give the level of control required, Sportsbike has developed an optional Control System that can be fitted to PODIUM Class Tire Warmers. Ideal for World Superbike Superpole to ensure tyres are up to temperature and for rider confidence. Easily fitted to Motorcycle Tire Racks, these Tire Temperature Controllers are designed and supplied to each customers requirements.

Sportsbike's Tire Temperature Control System is an easy to use push button control system with digital read out to manage tire temperatures:

  • Dial in the Tire Temperature
  • Accuracy
  • Unequalled flexibility
  • Maximum control
  • Rider confidence

Maximum certainty - Total Control

We have watched 'Mr Superpole' Troy Corser use this system in Superpole, he looks at the actual Tyre Temperature and knows the tyre is ready. If the tyre is ready to go, so is he. Troy has won more Superpole front row starts than anyone else...


  • Easy to use push button adjustment of temperature.
  • Secure parameters for high / low temperatures.
  • Digital two digit display for each tyre.
  • Adjust differential to actual tyre temp.
  • Heating 'ON' Display for each tyre.
  • Connectors are compact and durable.
  • Compact size - Flexable design.
  • Microprocessor Accuracy.
  • Custom Lead length.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatable with portable power generators.
  • Choice of 240 or 110 volt (USA & Japan) mains power supply.
  • Made in Australia and used Worldwide.

  • TWO FACE - For beside the bike - AUD$1297.
  • FOUR FACE - For two bikes or Motorcycle Tyre Racks - AUD$1758.

Exeptional Value - contact us direct with questions or to Order.

Sportsbike TIRE TEMPERATURE CONTROL for Tire Warmers - Motorcycle tire temperatures, maximum certainty, total control of tire temperatures.

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Two Face Tire Temperature Controller, ideal for world superbike superpole.

Four Face Tire Temperature Controller for motorcycle tire racks.

Please note:

  • Tire Warmers are not included in the price of Control Systems and are sold separately.
  • Sportsbike PODIUM Class Tire Warmers will be supplied fitted with sensors, leads and connectors at no additional charge when ordered with Control System. Conversion of PODIUM Tire Warmers to Temperature Control after manufacture can encur a charge of AUD$241 per set for conversion.
  • For larger BULK orders and specific applications, please Contact Sportsbike.
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