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Choosing a Tire Warmer

Tire Warmers, Tyre Warmers, Termocoperte, Couvertures Chauffantes, Calientadores, Reifenwarmer, Tyre heaters, Tire heaters, Tyre blankets, Tire blankets... No matter how you say it, how do you choose the best Tire Warmer for your needs...

It is unfortunate and sad that most people when buying Tire Warmers buy based on what are the lowest priced Warmers available and often they end up wasting their money.

Poorer quality, cheap Tire Warmers that do not properly heat the tires actually cost you more money due to poor tire wear compared to quality Warmers that only cost a little more at purchase. The decision to buy what is locally available or just low priced is not wise and is often false economy. We say that a better criteria is to buy what is best for the tires, what suits the riders ability and what fits the future riding plans of the rider or team. Although brief, we intend to simply distinguish the different specifications of Tire Warmers, what each specification provides for the rider and we intend to help you make an informed choice...

It is simple to choose the correct Tire Warmer Specification. There is essentially only one question we recommend you ask yourself:

What is your riding ambition?

What do you intend to accomplish, what level of riding am I aiming at?


If you intend to ride at Track Ride Days, ride at local Club Level, only race a few times each year or are just starting out and are unsure what bike you are going to stay with or you are intending to ride within a very limited budget, then choose a good quality basic Tire Warmer like Sportsbike's CLUBMAN or the higher specification, EVOLUTION Class.

Why is simple. At any level of ability, the minimum a rider needs is for tires to be heated to the right temperature to support confidence, control and longer tire life. Unfortunately, few Tire Warmers provide this. Sportsbike's EVOLUTION has been specifically designed to provide for the essential needs of the rider and is priced to fit the budget of the true Privateer.


If you intend to ride frequently, compete in a series or championship or race as often as possible and you are intending to put effort and resources into doing the best you possibly can, then choose a higher performance Tire Warmer that will last.

Why is simple. You get what you pay for. Lower priced 'Budget' Warmers are not made with the same attention to detail or features, they are not designed to reach the level of performance the serious racer requires. A serious Racer will always push equipment harder and needs both a higher level and reliable performance: tires at the right temperature at the start line, tires ready to give feedback and grip, tyres that will last the race and go the distance.

Sportsbike's PODIUM WORLD SUPERBIKE SPECIFICATION Class is the combination of features need by serious riders and Teams. Features like easier fitting, wider rim to rim coverage, tire compound area for easy tire recognition... all these to make the PODIUM WSBK Specifcation fast and easy to use.


For serious racers, Professional Riders, Teams competing in National or World Championship competition or for riders who do not wish to compromise, Sportsbike's PODIUM Class is the only choice to make - nothing comes close.

Why is simple. The Racer or Professional rider is going to push the bike and tires to the limit right off the start. Confidence, feedback and maximised grip are vital, right off the start line. It is essential that tires be heated to the right, evenly distributed temperature, that the tires last full race distance and that there is total tire flexibility off the line so that the contact patch is consistent and grip is maximised. Sportsbike's PODIUM Class is designed without compromise to achieve these requirements and are custom made to suit the individual requirements of Teams and Riders. As standard, the PODIUM comes fitted with a movable Thermostat, so that the desired tire temperature can be achieved, although not essential, Sportsbike makes an easy to use Tire Temperature Control System with push button control and digital read out to manage tyre temperatures.

  • Dial in the Tire Temperature
  • Accuracy
  • Unequalled flexibility
  • Maximum control
  • Rider confidence

Maximum certainty - Total Control

We have watched 'Mr Superpole' Troy Corser use this system in Superpole, he looks at the actual Tyre Temperature and knows the tyre is ready. If the tyre is ready to go, so is he. Troy has won more Superpole front row starts than anyone else...

Choosing the Sportsbike Tyre Warmer for your needs...

STEP 1 - Choose the Tire Warmer Size

  • CLUBMAN Class - Supersport | Superbike | Extreme only.
  • EVOLUTION Class - Pocket Bike - 125 - 250 - Supermoto - Supersport | Superbike | Extreme.
  • TRACKMASTER Class - Pocket Bike - 250 - Supermoto - Supersport | Superbike | Extreme.
  • PODIUM Class - Supersport | Superbike | Extreme only.
  • CUSTOM - Moto GP - Car - Kart - Custom design and application.
  • The Tire Warmer size is dictated by the tire size not the capacity of your bike. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers are made to fit the typical tire for the bike described. If you need to clarify the most suitable Tire Warmer size, please contact us with your tire sizes and we will assist you.

STEP 2 - Choose the Tyre Warmer specification

The same quality and reliability as other Classes of Sportsbike Tire Warmer - a new design at a lower price.

EVOLUTION Class - A striking balance.
A high quality, high performance Tire Warmer with fixed Temperature Thermostat at a great low price.

TRACKMASTER Class - Hand crafted refinement.
Higher Specification and Semi-customised Tire Warmer with features for riders and Teams who want more.

PODIUM Class -The ultimate Tire Warmer.
The choice of professional riders, factory teams and serious racers. A higher performance, functionally efficient and longer lasting Tire Warmer with leading edge technology, reliability and performance. Nothing comes close.

STEP 3 - Take action...

Contact us direct with questions or to Order.

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